What We’ve Learned from a Million On Demand Interviews

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HireIQ has served over one million online interviews to candidates looking for jobs in call centers, technology, quick service restaurants, travel and leisure and other industries.  Not only have we saved recruiters a bunch of time by streamlining the candidate selection process and helped our customers hire better performing people who are retained longer, we’ve learned a few things along the way:

Interview all day, every day.  Our online, on demand technology enables candidates to complete interviews at a time convenient for them.  By analyzing interview completion times, we found that nearly half of all candidates take their HireIQ-hosted interview outside of normal recruiter working hours.  Some take them early in the morning; some late at night; and some take them on the weekend.  Furthermore, over 45 percent of candidates who complete their interviews in off hours get advanced to later stages of a company’s interview process.  If you’re not conducting HireIQ virtual interviews, you are missing out on some outstanding candidates.

Candidates dig it.  HireIQ’s on-line digital interviewing means that candidates complete the task at a convenient time for them (see above), which gives them the opportunity to relax and put their best foot forward – a familiar, recurring theme in the candidate satisfaction surveys our clients have conducted.  Furthermore, these surveys consistently show that candidates enjoy the experience with over 90% reporting that they were “very satisfied” with the process and the technology.  It also reflects well on our clients: candidates report that companies who use HireIQ are perceived to be cutting edge, technologically savvy and candidate-friendly.  Just the kinds of companies they want to work for.

Recruiters dig it.  No more wasting time “smiling and dialing” trying to reach candidates to conduct early-stage screening interviews.  Completed interviews are conveniently organized and sortable by relevant criteria so the best-qualified candidates can be evaluated first.  Customers report a reduction of 80% or more in candidate review time, which results in a significant reduction in time-to-hire.

More and less.  Companies using this technology report a significant increase in the number of candidates that are interviewed – frequently up to ten times more.  In addition, each interview takes a recruiter significantly less time – often only 2 or 3 minutes per recorded interview – to review and evaluate.  Our clients effectively interview MORE people in LESS time meaning they can be more selective and hire only the best.  What’s not to like?

Not everyone breaks the tape.  Like many races, many start but never finish.  Many candidates started a HireIQ-hosted interview, but never completed it.  Reasons range from lack of interest in the job once they read the job requirements to being unqualified and bailing out in the middle of the process.  Whatever the reason, our clients never had to waste time on these candidates, further improving their recruiting velocity and productivity.

Up your performance.  Our clients tell us that candidates who complete a HireIQ virtual interview tend to be more motivated, are better qualified overall and perform better once on the job.  These candidates take an active role in the early stages of their recruitment rather than sitting and waiting for the phone to ring.  Qualified candidates are engaged more quickly, which reduces the time they are “on the street” looking.  Conventional wisdom, and academic research, says that the longer it takes to engage with an applicant, the more likely he or she is to form a negative opinion of the company.  HireIQ’s clients engage with candidates more quickly – often the same day – which results in better quality of hire and lower time to hire.

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