The Time for the Virtual Job Fair has come

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As summer winds down many companies, especially those in the customer service industry – call centers, retailers, restaurants and the like – are gearing up for the holiday hiring push with the traditional job fair.  You rent a ballroom at the local hotel, advertise for a few days ahead of the event, and sit back as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of job hopefuls descend on your overworked and overwhelmed recruiting staff seeking a coveted interview.  Many job fairs are open to all comers, which makes them seem more like cattle calls than casting calls.  Furthermore, job fairs can be costly – meeting room rental, time out of the office, the time reviewing the piles of resumes and, of course, the time contacting all those applicants.  You DO contact them all, don’t you?

But think of whom you’re missing.  You’re missing those otherwise highly qualified applicants who can’t attend on the appointed day.  Or those who can’t readily travel to the job fair venue.

Virtual interviewing technology allows you to conduct a virtual job fair which can yield a greater number of higher-quality candidates at a small fraction of the cost of live events.  A virtual job fair has many benefits.  You avoid the costs associated with hosting the event and shutting down part (or all) of your recruiting team for a day.  You can run the job fair 24 hours per day, across multiple days – our experience indicates that as many as 45% of candidates will respond “after hours” – and you can record candidate interviews for further evaluation and action.  Then you can invite those who pass muster for additional phone or in-person interviews.

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