The Cost of Your Call Center: How to Reduce Cost Without Losing Quality

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Supervising a call center has its similarities to running any business. For example, regardless of your industry it can be pretty easy to get lost in maintaining the day-to-day grind – which may result in overlooking new ways to improve your bottom line. Luckily for all of our call center friends, the team at HireIQ has been researching ways to improve your bottom line for quite some time now.

We’re going to begin unveiling our research and our findings in a series of posts here at the HireIQ blog. While we’re preparing to release this information, you may want to consider a few call center questions to get you acquainted.

How many agents does your call center employ? How many new employees do you hire each year? Do you train each of them?

Of course these questions are simply scraping the surface of what is to come here at the HireIQ blog, but they will help you get primed and ready for lots of useful, researched information for all of our call centers. From attrition rates to agent expenses, we’ve got solutions for improving every area aspect of new hire expenses.

Stay tuned as we’re very excited about the information we’ve discovered and we’re confident that you’ll be able to positively effect your call center’s bottom line.

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