Stop Thinking about Virtual Interviewing – Do It!

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Here in the greater metro Atlanta area, we’re being pummeled by another winter storm (this one named “Pax” I think), that threatens to bring the area to a standstill yet again.  People will be stuck at home, businesses will close, or operate in “virtual” mode, until things get back to normal.  Just because the weather gets nasty doesn’t mean that your recruiting needs to be put on hold.

Recruiting can be tough even under the best of circumstances.  When asked, “what is the worst part of your job?” many recruiters respond that they are perceived to be glorified telemarketers, spending their days calling applicants and pitching the job and company.  Companies rarely, if ever, fund a recruiting team that’s large enough to reach every applicant in a timely fashion.  Some industry studies suggest that 80% of applicants never hear anything from the hiring company after submitting an application.  Other studies suggest that applicants form an opinion about the hiring company largely based on its hiring process – the longer it takes, the worse they feel about it.  We all hear about wanting to provide a “white glove” or “red carpet” candidate experiences, but is ignoring the majority of applicants congruent with that goal?

By adopting virtual interviewing in early stage screening, companies can effectively bring nearly 100% of its applicants into the hiring process.  Those that don’t make it typically “self-select” out and disqualify themselves before ever talking to a recruiter.  It’s simple to do and, since virtual interviewing is a cloud-based, “always on, always available” technology, candidates can record a screening interview when it’s convenient for them.  Like, when they’re snowbound.  Similarly, recruiters can review and evaluate these interviews when its convenient for them and – if that isn’t reason enough – it takes significantly less time than the old-fashioned telephone interview.

Candidates like it.  Nearly 95% of those polled recently enjoyed the virtual interview experience.  It provided them a measure of control over their recruitment beyond just blindly submitting an application and made them feel like they were able to lend a voice to their application.  Done correctly, it’s another way to reinforce the company’s brand and its image of being an edgy, tech-savvy organization.  Talent acquisition and finance (maybe especially finance) executives like it because its inexpensive, efficient and effective.

So, what are you waiting for?  Stop thinking about virtual interviewing.  Do it!

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