Seven Winning Tips to Ace the Virtual Interview.

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Virtual interviews are really nothing new and they are becoming more and more common in the early stages of the hiring process. Today, employers use a wide variety of technology ranging from the well-known telephone screen to audio interactive voice response systems to video using your computer’s web cam.

Virtual interviews can be very convenient the job seeker, but companies often use them because it makes the hiring process more efficient and effective for them.  One of the key benefits for companies is a larger applicant pool, which means that competition for open positions is greater than ever before.  You need to elevate your game in order to rise above the rest.

Here are seven winning tips to ace the virtual interview and move you one step closer to that dream job.

Do your Research.

Bone up on your target comapny’s products, value proposition, competitors, and distinctive advantage.  Be prepared to field questions about your unique skills and how they will be assets to the company – just like you would in an in-person interview.

Dress the Part.

Go ahead and press your best interview suit or dress as if you were headed to Headquarters to meet with the boss personally.  It will put you in the proper frame of mind, even if you never leave your home.

Check your equipment.

Problems with your telephone, internet connection and/or web cam can virtually guarantee that your interview will end up in the virtual trash can.  Also resist the urge to use your smartphone or tablet for your video interview.

Check your surroundings.

Take special care to ensure your surroundings are business-like and enable you to complete your interview without distractions.  No recruiter wants to see your unmade bed or listen to the dogs barking in the background.

Be succinct.

One reason employers use virtual interviewing is to expand the hiring pool, thereby spending less time on each applicant.  A recruiter may spend only a few seconds on each response before deciding to advance you to later stages of the interview process – or not.  Make these precious seconds count.

Be memorable.

A recruiter can’t get the full measure of your body language in any kind of virtual interview, so you must rely more on vocal tone and inflection. Be energetic, enthusiastic and demonstrate a genuine desire for the position.

Take it seriously.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so resist the temptation to think the virtual interview is only a dress rehearsal for the “real thing.” Complete your interview in a timely fashion so that you are at the top of the review list.

Virtual interviewing is a valuable tool for hiring organizations and it’s here to stay.  Candidates must adapt their interviewing style and technique to these technologies.  Those who do will find themselves with more opportunities to land that dream job.

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