July 19, 2011

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Communication Analyzer

HireIQ’s proprietary communication analysis engine evaluates each recorded interview question, weights the result for each question, and aggregates the results to provide a rank order. Candidates are presented to the Recruiter in order of relevance with the candidates with the most relevant responses at the top of the list and those with the least at the bottom. This allows Recruiters to focus on the Candidates with the most relevant answers and therefore most likely to be well-suited hires. With this ranking scheme, Recruiters need not evaluate every recorded interview.

Recruiter Scoring Form

A 4-point Likert-style scoring form has been added to allow Users to rate and rank order Candidates based on these rankings. The Likert scale scoring will be implemented in phases with this first phase supporting only a summary rating of the Candidate. Subsequent implementations will add more scoring dimensions and will allow for a customer-defined scoring dimension. A score must be assigned to a Candidate before the Candidate can be Advanced or Declined. For existing customers, the Likert scoring scale will apply only to Positions added after this release.

Candidate Search

The Candidate Search function has been enhanced to allow for searches across all Positions.

Billing and Plan Payment Administration

Customers who wish to pay for HireIQ InterviewPlus online can manage their account within InterviewPlus. Account management features include the selection of plan details, enter and manage credit card information, view, download and print invoices.

E-mail Templates by Position

Each e-mail template can be configured on a per-Position basis at the customer’s option. In addition, the Nudge e-mail reminder can be configured on a per position basis. Each Nudge e-mail reminder can be set with its own time interval, configurable from 1 to 48 hours in whole hour increments, to remind Candidates to complete their intervals at whatever pace is required by the customer. The text, from-address, and from-name are customizable on a per-position basis as well.

Resume Upload

Candidates can upload their resume as part of the initial Candidate registration process. Customers can configure this option to require a resume to be uploaded at this time in order for a Candidate to proceed to the next step of the interview process.

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