Is Your Interview Process Standardized? It should be. (Part 1)

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Making great (not just good) hires is critical to the success of your company. What is the difference between an A-player and an average employee? Some say as much as 10x. How do you find those A-players, or weed out the rest? The exact process or questions will vary for each company, but standardization is always essential to working smarter.

Everyone is watching their bottom line closer than ever. You have to achieve this feat in a cost-effective fashion. One of the best ways to ensure hiring success is to develop a standardized hiring process. A standardized hiring process featuring standard questions is beneficial to various aspects of the hiring process. Here are a few situations to demonstrate how a standard process may be the best option for you and your business.

It’s Good For The Hiring Team

Interviewers approach interviewing differently. Some like to ask lots of tricky questions. Some like to plumb the depths of a candidates knowledge with really difficult questions. Some interviewers ask no tough questions at all because they don’t like confrontation. Some want to simply have a conversation and get to know the person. You need a little of each approach, but what if your tough-question guy is out that day? Does that mean candidates won’t get appropriately grilled, I mean “vetted”? I’ve seen bad hires happen due to simple scheduling conflicts. The loss was tens of thousands of dollars.

What if your best interviewer were to leave (do you even know who the best interviewer is?)? In what shape would that leave your hiring team? Do you know which questions they ask? If that scenario causes any concern, you might consider what can be done to ensure that your team would continue running a smooth, successful operation despite the absence of key staff members. This is where a standardized process is critical to the hiring team.
It’s Good For The Candidate

Hiring is often what happens in addition to everything else you’re doing. And, if we’re honest, we don’t always prepare as much as we should for an interview. This can be a real turn-off to candidates who don’t feel like their time was respected or that they got the opportunity to really voice their strengths. When you create a standardized set of good questions, candidates can immediately tell that some thought has gone into the interview. This also provides them a place to showcase their skills, experience, and personality.

It’s Good For The Company

Want to truly tell the difference between two candidates? Ask them both the same questions. Let’s consider their interviews an experiment where good questions are part of the control group.  Now, listen to each of their answers and you’ll have an objective solution in picking the right employee for your business. This formula also helps your business and HR team ensure EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) compliancy.

And last, but certainly not least, using standard interview questions with products like HireIQ’s InterviewPlus allows team members to review candidates’ answers in context and on the go, saving time and money.

Next we’ll get into how you go about doing this. Its easier than you think.

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