How to Balance Cost Efficiency Plus Candidate Experience

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The Automated Hiring Equation: Cost Efficiency Plus Candidate Experience

The desired result for most hiring teams is no secret – a cost efficient system that produces the best candidate for any given job. Well, it’s 2011 and in many cases cost efficiency equals automation – especially when it comes to human resources and hiring teams. However, it’s important to achieve a sense of balance between the automation it takes to keep costs low and the personal, human touch it takes to produce the best candidate.

Cost Efficiency Plus Candidate Experience: The Balance

From job boards and social networks to applicant tracking systems and automated phone interviews, human resources teams are trained to utilize every available tool to minimize their footprint on the expense report. While these tools implement automated features, it’s important that your candidates aren’t left feeling in the dark. One way to ensure that doesn’t happen is by enhancing the candidate experience and giving them better ways to tell their story.

Let’s look at few examples of achieving the balance we’re talking about.

Online Applications

Online applications are not revolutionary, however, some provide the candidate with a better canvas than others. For example, some applications require text-only or word document resumes while others allow for more creativity by accepting pdf files in addition to text-only resumes. Another example is the input fields of an online application. While some systems allow for letters in the “salary” field, others require numbers. This lack of flexibility can make it difficult for a candidate to explain that their pay was on a per project basis which is common for contractors and consultants.

Automated Phone Interviews

In most cases, a phone interview indicates to the candidate that they made the cut from application to consideration. This is an exciting but also suspenseful time for candidates. Now, what if you could allow more candidates to make the cut while also keeping hiring costs down? You can and some companies are doing it now using automated phone interviews like InterviewPlus. Not only does software like this keep costs down and allow hiring teams to expand the candidate pool who receive phone interviews, but it also allows those candidates to tell their story. It gives them a voice, which quite frankly, is tough to match through online applications and paper resumes.

So when you’re trying to keep a watchful eye on the costs associated with hiring, remember to consider the candidate experience as well. You want to ensure that quality candidates feel a positive sentiment toward your company and that they were able to showcase their personality, not feel like a faceless report among many others.

It takes a little effort to keep costs down while also considering your candidates’ experience, but when done well it’s a balance that is well rewarded. How have you been dealing with keeping costs low but also providing candidates with an opportunity to tell their story? Has your method resulted in hiring quality, hiring quickly, or a balance of both?

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