Do you survey your applicants when the recruiting process is over?

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Surveys.  Just about every company does them.  Customer surveys are used to gauge how customers perceive your company’s products and services.  It makes sense – after all, customers pay the bills.  Employee satisfaction surveys are also very common to help you identify ways to improve the overall work environment, and the perks and benefits extended to employees, should you care to.  But, how about applicant satisfaction surveys to help you improve your recruiting and hiring process?

Studies have consistently shown that job candidates are generally dissatisfied with the recruiting and hiring processes of many companies.  The amount of time the process takes to make a decision – any decision; the amount of time a candidate has to invest in early stages of the process (2-hour long behavioral assessments for all early-stage applicants, for example); a lack of communication – and often no communication at all – regarding where an applicant stands in the process; and poorly written job descriptions top the long list of complaints job seekers have when dealing with hiring companies.

Find out what your applicants are saying about your recruiting and hiring process.  And don’t just survey the candidates that you hire – they are basking in the afterglow of the job offer and are likely to present a distorted view.  Also survey those who weren’t offered a job.  Find out what worked well – and poorly – for them.

Some may believe that this thinking borders on heresy.  After all many recruiters believe, if subconsciously, that the recruiting process is a rite of passage – a trial to be endured – in order to considered worthy of toiling for your company.  To be sure, you want the best possible candidate for the job and a stringent vetting process is necessary, but causing a candidate to jump through arbitrary hoops is not.

Applicant satisfaction surveys serve a very important role for any organization.  They uncover inefficiencies in the recruiting process that might only be evident to candidates.  They help identify other areas of improvement that will attract more – and better qualified – applicants.

Applicant surveys help you see your hiring process through the eyes of the people who are ultimately the embodiment of your brand – your employees.  Making recruiting improvements as a result of these surveys will make people want to work for your company.

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