Collaboration Between the Call Center and HR

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Webster defines collaboration thusly, “to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.”  Call center operations and the human resources department tasked with keeping operations staffed with well-qualified agents are not “immediately connected” where close collaboration could benefit both parties tremendously.  For many companies, interaction between the two groups is limited to an arm’s-length exchange: operations sends staffing requisitions to HR and HR sends candidates to operations that are intended to satisfy those requirements.  But, how closely do some of these departments really work together for each other’s mutual benefit?  Given the persistent high rate of early-stage (first 90 days after hire) attrition, I would suggest this relationship can improve.

Sharing results of candidate interviews is one great way to help improve hiring performance and reduce turnover, especially in that critical 90-day, post-hire period.  Virtual interviewing technologies allow organzations to administer interviews online which can be recorded and shared with stakeholder organizations to ensure the right kind of candidates advance through the hiring process and onto the call center floor.  These interviews are administered in exactly the same way each time, so any potential recruiter bias is removed from the process.  In addition, these interviews can be evaluated and “scored” – in much the same manner as quality monitoring evaluations are scored – by the recruiters so every recruiter evaluates each interview using the same standards.  This is collaboration at one of its highest levels.  The result is that operations receives better candidates who stay longer and perform at a higher level from the beginning, and the HR team has a keener understanding of what differentiates an excellent candidate from a marginal one.

Leading industry analyst Paul Sockford of Saddletree Research recently recorded a podcast on the subject.  Listen to it here:

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