Agent Recruitment is a Key Component of Contact Center Workforce Optimization

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Leading industry analyst firm, Gartner, Inc. has released its latest Magic Quadrant for contact center workforce optimization (WFO) technologies and, for the first time, acknowledges agent recruitment as a key component to a robust WFO strategy.  The synergies between exceptional agent recruitment and WFO are obvious.  Workforce optimization is largely about making sure that the best, properly-skilled agents are available to deliver an excellent customer experience.  Agent recruitment technologies enable companies to quickly assess and hire agents who possess the right combination of communication and technical skills coupled with appropriate customer service orientation.

While recruitment technologies have often been the domain of the talent acquisition and recruiting department, the effects of sub-par hiring decisions are felt downstream by those responsible for contact center operations.  These effects often manifest themselves in poor operational performance and/or runaway attrition – neither of which is ideal to deliver an outstanding customer experience.  Gartner’s endorsement of the role of recruiting technologies in a company’s overall WFO strategy will help to bring operations and recruiting to the table as equal partners in the customer experience equation.

For futher information, please read HireIQ’s white paper, “The Agent Lifecycle – Keys to Effective Workforce Optimization” found here:

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