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An interview may not be enough to gain a comprehensive view of a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities.  HireIQ offers a broad set of tests and assessments designed to augment the interview with a deeper understanding of candidate abilities.

Built to be easy, efficient and effective.

Validated language assessments.

An excellent command of the language is essential to provide quality customer service. English and Spanish language assessments are available.

Dependability and reliability assessment.

The dependability survey identifies those candidates who are more likely to have good attendance records, be productive, and be attentive to detail.

Skills tests.

Pre-configured math and grammar tests help to provide specific insights into critical skills necessary for the job.

Test editor.

A rich test editor module enables you to create and score your own test content to best fit your job requirements.

Assessments are Dead! Long Live Assessments!

Companies using traditional cognitive, behavioral, personaility, and intelligence assessments during the recruiting processs often find themselves with underperforming employees. This is especially true in customer service roles where the measure of success is not oalways how well employees get along with each other, but how well they can establish rapport with external stakeholders - namely customers.

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