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Reduce Hiring Costs

HireIQ has helped customers reduce their cost to hire by 60% or more.

Improve Interview Consistency

Every candidate is asked the same questions in the same way each time.

Improve Quality of Hire

Clearly hear a candidate’s energy, enthusiasm, and personality.

Increase Collaboration

All HireIQ interviews can be shared with other recruiters and the hiring manager.

Expanded Hiring Pool

A larger applicant pool means that you can be more selective.

Improve Recruiter Effectiveness

HireIQ eliminates the wasted time trying to reach candidates.

Voice of the Applicant

Recruiters get each applicant’s communication skills, energy, enthusiasm and use of speech in every interview.

Emotional Assessments: A Disruptive Innovation in Candidate Selection

The current crop of cognitive, behavioral, intelligence, and personality assessments are deeply-rooted in 1950s-era organizational science and were developed primarily to aid in hiring corporate-level employees. They are poorly suited for the fast-paced, preformance-driven nature of hiring customer service employees. HireIQ has developed a revolutionary approach to passively assessing job candidates for these critical roles.

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