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HireIQ's audio and video interviewing applications help you expand your candidate pool, interview more applicants in less time, and hire the best ones quickly.  "Always on" means candidates can complete interviews anytime, anywhere.

Feature Details

Built to be easy, efficient and effective.

Multi-media online interviewing.

Audio and video interviewing. Synchronous and asynchronous. Create custom online interviews with the questions you want answers to. Download datasheet >>

Customized interview flow.

Easily create a seamless on demand interview experience with multiple assessments to get a complete picture of candidate knowledge, skills and abilities.

Evaluate the voice of the candidate.

Candidate responses are recorded for evaluation by the recruiting team and hiring managers. Customize scoring forms to focus on your critical success factors.

Recruiter dashboard.

Sort completed digital interviews so that the best match candidates are at the top, further streamlining your recruiting process.

Emotional Assessments: A Disruptive Innovation in Candidate Selection

The current crop of cognitive, behavioral, intelligence, and personality assessments are deeply-rooted in 1950s-era organizational science and were developed primarily to aid in hiring corporate-level employees. They are poorly suited for the fast-paced, preformance-driven nature of hiring customer service employees. HireIQ has developed a revolutionary approach to passively assessing job candidates for these critical roles.

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