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Leading companies across the globe rely on HireIQ to help increase the effectiveness of their recruiting organizations.  This is a small sample of companies that use HireIQ's online interviewing and hiring analytics solutions to expand their hiring pool, reduce time-to-fill, and improve operational performance. 

“Since we started using InterviewIQ, the quality of prospective employees has risen dramatically. HireIQ’s virtual interviewing technology enables our recruiters to focus their efforts on the detailed evaluation of applicants instead of trying to get them on the telephone for an initial interview.”

Dick Eychner, President,
Interactive Response Technologies

“InterviewIQ has been a valuable addition to our recruiting and hiring process. It dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to vet our candidates, enables us to choose from a larger pool of qualified applicants and helps us fill open positions more quickly than ever before.”

Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition,
Top 10 BPO

“HireIQ has been instrumental in enabling us to reduce our crewmember turnover, increase our sales per store and improve our overall customer experience.”

Leon Goodrum, President,
Goodrum Enterprises

“HireIQ has helped us dramatically improve our recruiter efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients and stakeholders demand that the very best agents be assigned to their accounts and HireIQ’s virtual interviewing solution, InterviewIQ, helps us ensure that is the case.”

Jared Fletcher, Vice President of Operations,
Arise Virtual Solutions

“Our customers have come to expect exceptional service and our crewmembers continue to deliver on each and every flight. HireIQ has demonstrated its ability to not only help us hire the best possible candidates, but to do so at a reduced cost of recruitment.”

Megan White, Director of Talent Acquisition,
JetBlue Airways

WEBINAR RECORDING: Hiring for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experience means your agents need to possess excellent communication skills; are engaged, knowledgeable and motivated; and are able to employ critical thinking to satisfy each customer’s unique needs.  In this complimentary webinar, we will show you how HireIQ’s novel, analytics-driven recruiting and hiring solutions helps contact center companies greatly improve their agent hiring performance to deliver the exceptional customer experience.  Click here to replay >>