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Another Take on the Video Interview Debate

Discussion about the pros and cons of video interviewing has reached epic proportions in recruiting circles. Not one to sit on the sidelines of a good debate, I’d like to weigh in with my own observations.  

As an initial screening tool, I agree that video interviewing has some good points, particularly in the asynchronous form. Timing is a big positive: the interview can be scheduled and reviewed at any time of the day or night, making it convenient for reviewers and applicants alike.This use of technology can raise the perception that your company is nimble and forward-looking. And some would argue that a format that puts extra pressure on the candidate lets you gauge how they handle themselves in pressure situations.

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How to Avoid the 10 Customer Service Worst Practices

Delivering an exceptional customer experience often means that several disparate elements need to come together perfectly – people, process and technology need to work together seamlessly. Yet it often takes only one thing to go wrong to make the whole customer experience unravel.

Customer experience guru Micah Solomon recently wrote about the 10 All-time Worst Customer Service Practices in which he opines on the most egregious breaches of the customer service protocol. Several relate to defects in process; others address failures in technology; but most reveal shortcomings in the human element of the customer experience equation.

The American Customer Service Index, a national cross-industry measure of customer... Read more »

Predicting the Best Candidates: Big Data v. Crystal Ball

Last month I was intrigued by a blog published in Harvard Business Review (“In Hiring, Algorithms Beat Instinct”) that declared, “Humans are very good at specifying what’s needed for a position and eliciting information from candidates – but they’re very bad at weighing the results.”

This conclusion was based on analysis conducted by Brian S. Connelly, Nathan R. Kuncel, David M. Klieger and Deniz S. Ones. They performed 17 different studies of applicant evaluations. It turned out that a simple equation beat gut feel by a significant 25% – whether the candidates were being interviewed for front-line positions, middle management or the C suite.

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Four Key Attributes of Successful Call Center Agents

Despite dire predictions that self-service will render the call center agent obsolete, the opposite is true.  Call center employment continues to grow at a healthy clip.  According to recent research published by leading industry thinker Paul Stockford of Saddletree Research, the U.S. call center industry added nearly 52,000 new jobs.  Some of this growth is attributable to the staffing of health insurance exchange contact centers as a result of the Affordable Care Act, but much of it is industry growth.

However, the impact of self-service skills and competencies that today’s agents must possess is undeniable.  Customers are better informed than ever before with more resources at their disposal to research alternative... Read more »

What Drives the Exceptional Customer Experience?

Leading customer feedback insights analyst firm, CFI Group, recently published its Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CSSI) for 2013 (download the report here).  The results should be a wake-up call for call centers everywhere.  2013 saw an 8-point drop in the CSSI from its high of 77 in 2012 to a record low of 69 in 2013.  While there's probably no need to hit the panic switch just yet, it's equally clear that consumers' expectations of call center services have outpaced their ability to deliver.

Other industry research suggests that up to 88% of customer interactions are handled by an agent at some point.  Furthermore, interactions have become more complex and today's consumers tend to be more informed - they often... Read more »

How to Hire Better than Amazon

A recent blog post by leading venture firm OpenView Venture Partners opines about the value of Amazon's cross-team interviewing strategy (find it here: http://blog.openviewpartners.com/hire-like-amazon-cross-team-interviewing/).  While it identifies several advantages, it also suggests a number downsides to this approach.  The fact is, virtual interviewing technology can make this a win-win and neutralize all the disadvantages of identified in this piece while supporting all the advantages.

Time Commitment.  Virtual interviewing is time and cost efficient.  In the time it takes to conduct one telephone or in-person interview, as many as ten or more virtual interviews can be reviewed and evaluated.  Furthermore, virtual... Read more »