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HireIQ's executive management team is comprised of highly motivated, deeply experienced senior managers who understand the markets we serve.  We lead a dynamic team of development, sales, marketing and support professionals who are dedicated to delivering innovative virtual interviewing and hiring optimization solutions that anticipate market needs.

Dan Drechsel, Chief Executive Officer

photo of Dan Drechsel, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Drechsel, HireIQ’s Chief Executive Officer, has led innovative technology companies in a number of industries, including talent acquisition and human resources, energy, and financial services. Under Mr. Drechsel’s leadership, these companies experienced significant market adoption and customer growth. His technology vision has enabled his companies to establish themselves as innovators through the development of unique solutions to vexing business problems; many of those solutions have resulted in United States and international patents.

Dan holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University. Mr. Drechsel is also active in the Georgia technology entrepreneurs community where he is on Mercer’s Board of Visitors, and the Board of the Technology Association of Georgia Education Collaborative (TAG-ED). In this capacity, Dan provides guidance and advice to young entrepreneurs and encourages Georgia schools in their emphasis of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and business education.

Todd Merrill, Chief Technology Officer

photo of Todd Merrill, Chief Technology Officer

Todd Merrill brings operating excellence and a deep technical background to the team.  Todd combines executive leadership experience with deep technical knowledge in the security industry.  Most recently, Todd served as CEO of Global Crypto Systems, having been a part of the founding team from 2007.  Prior to GlobalCrypto, Todd served as a managing partner and CTO of PerformanceIT, where he drove product design and innovation from concept through launch.  Previously, Todd has worked with notable security companies including ISS, nCircle and AirDefense which gives him a great perspective into the privacy and security challenges that financial companies face.  Todd holds a B.S. and M. Eng. From University of Florida and holds several US and international patents relating to fundamental cable modem design, as well as steganography and cryptography.


Kevin Hegebarth, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management

photo of Kevin Hegebarth, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management

Kevin brings deep domain expertise with over 25 years of senior marketing and product management leadership experience with leading contact center technology companies including Witness Systems, Melita International BellSouth Telecommunications and Global Management Technologies. He has been instrumental in establishing market-leading brands, creating marketing and awareness campaigns that have resulted in increased revenues, and in opening new markets. He is a frequent contributor to industry publications and has spoken at numerous industry events on the topics of workforce acquisition and optimization, the role of social media in customer service, and innovative human capital management strategies. He has received his Product Management certification from the Association of International Product Management and Product Marketing and is a co-inventor on two United States Patents.